Whats Included?
+ 4 juices per day
+ 5 juicy SOS snack bars
+ Juices made with masticating juicers
+ Juices blast frozen immediately, locking in the juicy goodness
+ Using local fruits and veg (where possible)
+ Delivered straight to your door
+ Dairy Free – Suitable for Vegans

25 Apples, 2 Pineapples, 3 large bags of Spinach, 7 peeled Limes, 4 stalks of Celery, 3 Cucumbers, 14cm of Ginger, 3 Large Avocados, 2 medium Courgettes, 40g of Fennel, 140g of Sugar Snap Peas/Beans, 80g of Kale, 1 unwaxed Lemon, 160g of Brocolli Stems, 22 Carrots, 5 Raw beetroots, 34g of Fresh Basil, 200g of Blueberries, 4g of Golden Linseed, 3 tbsp of Sunflower seeds, 300ml of Raw Almond Nut Milk, 6 Pears, 30g of Green Bell Peppers, 4 Oranges, 60g Fresh Mint, 100g of Blackberries, 2 medium Parsnips.

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