Chris Stewart has lost 5st / 70lbs as of today…

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We love successful juicing stories and Chris Stewart is just one of the life changing inspirational stories! We have been following Chris through his juicing journey since last year. Here’s his latest update…

The image above is from 14 weeks of juicing (from left to right.)

What are your results so far?

5st / 70lbs loss as of today. My blood pressure which has been high for years measures 128/78 which is near normal, and I’m off antidepressants which I have been taking for 4 years.

All this is thanks to Joe Cross for the initial attention grab of “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” but mainly to Jason Vale for the recipes and ongoing encouragement. My GP is pleased, my family is delighted, and I’m still astonished. A 5st loss was my initial dream, and it’s here after only 16weeks. Woo hoo!

We will be following Chris throughout the year as he continues his juicing journey.

From December 3 2013

We spoke to Christopher Stewart who is currently juicing for 30 days. Christopher’s weight loss so far has astonished him, which has inspired him to keep juicing until Christmas…

How did you get in to Juicing?

The turning point for me was an event with my autistic son. He loves photographs and wanted to send pictures of his dad to his uncle. We were agreeing which ones to send, with me picking out the favourable ones, when he clicked “send” on a photo I’d rather bin. I was really cross about this, and then thought “Why?” – the photo was of me – it’s how I look. My elder son has also announced his engagement, so I don’t want to be the “fatty” at the wedding!

I then caught the tail end of ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’, which inspired me to find the whole thing online and watch it through. The picture of Phil Staples pre juicing in terms of weight was me. The stories in the film were inspiring, and I determined to get going. I have previously managed to stop smoking by using patches. I have often jokingly wished for a patch to put over my mouth to help me diet! I think, in a odd way, juicing is that patch..

Previously, my downfall has been “grazing”, or on diet wondering if one biscuit would make a difference – anyway my willpower has never enabled me to make much headway.

Through looking for Joe Cross on YouTube, I came across Jason Vale, and bought a juicer from the website – it was the best price around by a good way! I downloaded the ‘7lbs in 7days app’, and I ordered the ‘Turbo Charge Your Life in 14 Days’ book. To date I have followed the 7lbs in 7days programme – I am now day 5 of week 3 and have lost 24 lbs. I have a long way to go, and (in my head) want to keep this going till Christmas.

So my “diet patch” is “if I’m not juicing it, I’m not eating it” which makes life so much easier, and has ended grazing!

What are your results so far?

I feel better already – more energy, a more positive outlook, my breathlessness is much less on exertion, I am more active generally. I feel back in control. Previously, I was so overweight that the slightest exertion brought on sweats etc – getting fitter was the equivalent of renovating a row of condemned houses. Juicing, through a rapid initial weight loss, gives you back the sense of control. You CAN do this.

So, week 3, I’m still inspired; the weight is still coming off; the juices themselves are perfectly drinkable, and I don’t generally feel hungry.

I have set myself a few goals along the way – the first is approaching, I hope to hit 28lbs / 2 st in a few more days – this was what I have hoped to lose by Christmas, so being ahead of the game has inspired me to go on till Christmas – review over the festive period, and then commit to keep going with juicing plus health eating. I will keep you up to date (if I succeed!)

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