“My skin glows, I have energy, I am ME!!”

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We spoke to Emma Berry who is a self acclaimed caffeine and sugar addict. Since juicing she said she has transformed her relationship with food.

How did you get into juicing?

I have been overweight and unhealthy for the majority of my adult life. I had recently got into the habit of eating a LOT of chocolate and sugar rich foods. I would happily munch through a couple of 200g bars of chocolate every day. Breakfast would be chocolate pancakes or white toast and butter. Dinner would be cereal. I had started replacing meals with chocolate and unhealthy snacks. I fully subscribed to the belief that life was too short to waste and chocolate was a necessary part of my diet.

If I was addicted to sugar, my caffeine addiction was even worse! I would engineer my day around my coffee fix. My work would be punctuated by tea or coffee. Always with biscuits or chocolate. ALWAYS. My local Starbucks knew me by name – honestly! My coffee would be ready before I even ordered it.

While I knew I should probably cut down on chocolate, there was absolutely no chance I would cut down on caffeine. Those fruit teas were disgusting.

I had bought a juicer a year ago in the hope I would perhaps add a juice or two to my weekly intake to increase my five a day. However, I hardly ever used it. I would comfort myself with the belief that fruit was sugar rich anyway, so it would be the same as eating chocolate. (Deluded? YES!!)

I got to the point where I was the heaviest I had been (15 stone 10 pounds) and was feeling slightly uneasy about it. I tried cutting down, but literally one bite of a sugary substance was enough to have me gorging past the point of being full.

Which programme did you follow?

I was flicking through the “Keeping it Simple” book that had come with my juicer and suddenly it started to make sense. I was intrigued. I went online and downloaded “Slim For Life” and started reading it. A shocking thing happened. It started to make me really THINK about what I was doing to my body. One of the things that stuck was the quote about the homeless man who said he looked after his body because he had to live there. I suddenly realised I was a drug addict. I realised that I had totally lost control over my body and I desperately needed to get it back. I read every word in Slim For Life, then immediately downloaded the 7lbs in 7 day plan and started the very next day. I didn’t have “one last binge” or even one last chocolate bar, I just followed the plan.

The first week was the toughest thing I had ever tried to do. I loved the juices. My favourite was the Turbo Express. I had a huge headache for the first three days. I re-read the relevant parts of “Slim For Life” and realised that the pain was a direct reflection of how toxic my body had been. Rather than stopping the plan I got my head to accept that I NEEDED to change. Then the full body cramps started. Wow. I felt like I was in labour! This just made me stronger. IT was obvious how bad my diet had been if I was in this much pain changing it! The juices had honestly stopped any craving for chocolate or sugary snacks. I upped my water intake and slept a lot and waited it out. Then came week two. I was buzzing! I felt alive for the first time in years! I had juices from the 7 day plan for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner. I didn’t sleep much, I no longer wanted to lie in as I was full of energy – for the first time in my adult life! It was incredible.

How has juicing changed your life?

I read the book often and kept my head strong. This has not been hard for me. I have never had any willpower but the amazing thing is that I haven’t NEEDED willpower. I don’t crave anything that I used to. I don’t want to drink coffee or eat junk food. I never want to go back to where I was. Juicing is the best thing I have ever done for myself, but without Jason getting my head straight first I could not have done this. Tomorrow will mark the longest time in my entire life that I have gone without chocolate. I have given it up for Lent once or twice and tomorrow will just take me past that time. 6 and a half weeks. I have lost 20 pounds so far, but that is not even the best part; the best part is getting my life back!

Would you recommend juicing to anyone?

My skin glows, I have energy, I am ME!!! I  cannot recommend the plans enough. As long as you read the head stuff! You can’t do this if your head is not in the right place. The mental stuff is MORE important than the juicing. The juicing is easy if you’ve changed how you think.

I cannot thank Jason enough.

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