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    Our Environmental Values

    We value your health & the health of our planet. We’re always working hard to reduce our carbon footprint in whatever way we can. Here’s just a few of the things that we’re doing…

    Carbon Footprint

    Our distinctive blue bottles are manufactured in the UK as a means to cut down ourcarbon footprint.

    Food Waste

    Food waste from the sitegoes to anaerobic digestion,where it is converted into renewable energy.

    Waste to Energy

    All other waste goes to a local incineration plant where any non recyclables are used to generate electricity.

    Our Packaging

    Read below what packaging you can recycle.


    Recyclable with your local recycling collection.


    Recyclable with your local recycling collection.

    Reuse the bottles after washing thoroughly, the bottles can be used for storing your own juices and smoothies.


    Recyclable at some specialised centres. For more information see


    Recyclable with your local recycling collection.

    Our Environmental Values

    LED Lighting

    Our entire factory has now been refitted with energyefficient LED’s.

    Occupancy Sensors

    We have also installed occupancy sensors in all rooms, to ensure lights are off when not in use.

    Energy Efficient Freezers

    With exception of our blast freezer all refrigeration units are of the latest energy efficient designs.

    Heat Recovery

    A heat recovery system has been installed on all the refrigeration on site which recovers heat from them to pre heat the hot water supply for the factory, this reduces the load on the refrigeration plant so reducing energy usage and also reduces the gas required for heating of the hot water.

    Our Other Changes

    The air handling system for our high care workspace uses a heat exchanger allowing the extracted air to heat/cool the incoming air.

    All office heaters are on individual thermostats and timer controls to ensure they are only on when required.

    Our factory has been constructed using the latest ‘QUADCORE’ panels offering high thermal efficiency.

    We’re working with our suppliers to ensure that we are addressing the need for Corporate Social Responsibility is core to our ethical values. Our bottle manufacturer is just one example of this.

    We’re always looking for new more environmentally friendly packaging for our products so that we can continue to improve and welcome feedback from our customers on this very important issue. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.