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Great for 1st time juicers Great for juicers who enjoy variety For Manintenance and/or steady weight-loss For Manintenance and/or steady weight-loss
Number of 420ml bottles 13 20 16 32
Number of different recipes 5 10 8 / up to 27 8 / up to 27
Number of 'SOS' Bars included 3 4
Ginger Shots 5
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Electrolyte Shots
Number of additional Vitality +Shots able to purchase 8 15 10 10
Biotic Blend
Approx. drawers of freezer space required 1 1.5 1.5 2
Soup Option available
Option to 'Super Juice It'

‘Super Juice’ your plan by adding a 50g bottle of Juice SOS! Veggie Boost Powder & receive a free Blender Bottle worth £4.99

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Optional payable Coaching & Recipe App Jason Vale 3 Day Juice Jason Vale 5 Day Juice Jason Vale 5:2 Juice Diet Jason Vale 5:2 Juice Diet
Box Dimensions (mm) 480x308x325 485x418x330 480x308x325 655x415x340
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Jason Vale Book Funky Fresh Recipe (Mini) 5 Day Challenge Jason Vale 5:2 Diet Jason Vale 5:2 Diet
Life After the Programme Booklet
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Contains Nuts:
Allergen Info: Although we do everything possible to minimise cross-contamination, please be aware that all diets are made in an environment where nuts, celery and sesame seeds are handled

Swap Your Evening Juice for a Soup

Option to replace your evening juice on the 3, 5, 7 or 14 Day Diets for a delicious warming Jason Vale, Juice Master Soup. Ideal to keep the Winter chills at bay or provide a savoury delight in Summer. Simply select the ‘Juice with Soup’ option on the product page when placing your order.


See the recipes we have on offer below:

How We Make Your Juices

Select the Best Fruit & Veg

What you put in is what you get out! Simply put, we select the highest quality fruits and vegetables to ensure your juices are completely delicious and nutritious. This involves developing strong relationships with our local suppliers and continually looking for the best produce.

Cold Press

The raw ingredients are cold-pressed in small batches, minimizing oxidization and maximizing nutrition. Our state of the art cold-press juicer causes minimal heat friction and enables us to retain the highest possible levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Bottled & Blast Frozen

The juice is immediately bottled and placed into our blast freezers. The speedy freezing process of the blast freezer stops rapid nutrient deterioration, locking in all that juicy goodness just for you!