Our Recycling Policy

We value your health and the health of our planet! At Juice Master Delivered we’re always working hard to reduce our carbon footprint in whatever way we can. Below we have provided more information on how you can recycle or reuse your packaging.


Recyclable with your local recycling collection.


Recyclable with your local recycling collection.

Reuse the bottles after washing thoroughly, the bottles can be used for storing your own juices and smoothies.


Recyclable at some specialised centres. For more information see www.recyclenow.com


Recyclable with your local recycling collection.

Top Tip:

Re-using/upcycling your packaging before you recycle is a fantastic way of contributing towards looking after our environment. One of our JMD customers used her box for Christmas bauble decorations and we LOVED that suggestion!

If you have any ideas on how to upcycle your packaging we would love to hear from you, the best ideas will be featured on our site and win a special juicy JMD prize.


Renewable Energy

All food waste from our facility is sent to a food2energy renewable energy plant to be converted into electricity.


What We Are Doing

Here’s just a few of the things that we’re doing in our production facility…


Food waste from the site (veg peelings, pressings etc) goes to anaerobic digestion, where it is converted into renewable energy, which will become electricity


Waste cardboard is recycled and office paper waste is sent for confidential shredding and recycling


All other waste goes to a local incineration plant where any further recyclables are extracted before the remainder is used to generate electricity to supply the national grid

And it doesn‘t stop there...

Lighting has replaced with the latest energy efficient LED’s which use significantly less kwh than older T8 & T5 fluorescent tubes

Occupancy sensors fitted in rooms throughout the building, ensuring lights are off when rooms are not in use

With the exception of our blast freezer all refrigeration units are of the latest energy efficient designs and have been specified to run with R407 refrigerant which has a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential), as opposed to the previous and and widely used R404

A heat recovery system has been installed on all the refrigeration on site which recovers heat from them to pre heat the hot water supply for the factory, this reduces the load on the refrigeration plant so reducing energy usage and also reduces the gas required for heating of the hot water

The air handling system for our high care work space uses a heat exchanger allowing the extract air to heat/chill the incoming air

All office heaters are on individual thermostats and timer controls to ensure they are only on when required

The factory areas have been constructed using the latest ‘QUADCORE’ panels from Kingspan offering high thermal efficiency. Quadcore’s Lambda of 0.018 W/mk is almost twice as thermally efficient as mineral fibre and 20% better than PUR., they are also 100% recyclable.

We’re always looking for new more environmentally friendly packaging for our products so that we can continue to improve and welcome feedback from our customers on this very important issue. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Working With Our Suppliers

Ensuring we work with partners who are also addressing the need for Corporate Social Responsibility is core to our ethical values. Our bottle manufacturer is just one example of this and you can download their CSR here.


Returning Packaging

Want to return all your packaging for us to recycle for you? Please contact us at info@juicemasterdelivered.com – Charges apply.