“Skin softer, nails stronger, sleeping better and at my ideal weight!”

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We spoke to Sarah Impey who told us that since she discovered juicing it’s become a whole family affair!…

How did you get in to juicing?

I started researching the link between human nutrition and disease ten  years ago when my mum was diagnosed with cancer.  I have been growing  my own organic fruit and vegetables since then and have been eating a mainly vegan low-HI diet. I had, however been blinded to the huge benefits of juicing by the ‘sugar’ arguments.  My ‘EUREKA’ moment to  juicing came when a friend sent me a link to the ‘Hungry for Change’ trailer and I realised that I needed to try it for myself.

What programme did you follow?

I bought Jason’s book ‘5lbs in 5 days’ and started reading… two hours later I knew that I had found something very important and I signed up to take part in the ‘Big Juice Spring Clean’.

What were your results?

The results from JUST 5 DAYS of juicing were astounding. My skin was clear (since the detox I have been juicing at least twice a day and have not needed to use any facial moisturiser), my nails are strong and long (I am a daily gardener – so this is a big surprise!), my husband says he hasn’t slept this well in years, my eyes are brighter, my sense of smell and taste is hugely improved, I feel more in control and… yes I did lose exactly 5lbs and am now my ‘ideal’ weight.

What was your favourite recipe?

My favourite juice has to be ‘Turbo with a kick’ as I can almost feel it working and it keeps me hydrated and not hungry until lunch time… this would be closely followed by my husbands favourite… Berry Banana Crunch!! I have two Junior Juicers at home who make their own ‘mystery’ juices for each other where they have to ‘guess’ what’s in them, (Hannah and Matthew) and my four year old asks for his ‘wake up shot’ in the morning which makes me very happy.

Would you recommend juicing to anyone else?

I would (and am) recommending this to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY as the results you WILL see are that you will look better and you will feel amazing.  I wish that freshly squeezed juice was available in every school and hospital as I really believe that it could make a big difference!

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