“I lost 1/2 a stone, slept much better, felt refreshed with bags of energy!”

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We spoke to Stephanie Storer who said that since she was introduced to juicing she’s fallen pregnant!…

How did you get into juicing?

I got introduced to juicing by my mama, who discovered Jason on the shopping channels last year.

What programme did you follow?

To start I followed recipes in the ‘7lbs in 7 Days’ programme. I loved the juices, however I hadn’t read the book. So because the juices had me hooked I set out on reading the book before following the full programme.

What were your results?

After readying the book and following the full programme, I lost 1/2 a stone. Not only this I slept much better, felt refreshed with bags of energy, even found that the juicing cleared up all the rosacea on my face. Not only that I even fell pregnant while juicing…despite being told by doctors that my chances of becoming pregnant we’re very slim and unlikely..!! I think all the green juices full of folic acid probably helped hehe.

I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve carried on juicing throughout my pregnancy. Making sure I have at least one green juice a day, and a smoothie. Some days I replace a meal with a smoothie.

Would you recommend juicing to anyone?

YES..!!! Me and my family are constantly recommending juicing to everyone we see..!! We have a family run a hair salon in our local town, and we even offer promotional events to introduce our client to juicing. We are currently looking In to providing a full juice counter for our clients and take away.

We’re also are gym goers, so who ever we get chatty to at the gym or see us with a green juice, are always left with lots of info and recommendations on juicing. We’re very well known at our gym for drinking the juicy green stuff!

How has juicing changed your life?

Juicing has really changed my life. I feel so much heather, refreshed, I sleep much better, I hardly ever get headaches any more, my skin is lovely (and being a hairdresser that’s great as I don’t have to wear as much make up anymore to cover my rosacea) it’s also really helped with pregnancy as I’ve been getting all those extra vitamins and minerals I’ve needed for baby..I don’t even seem to have put on that much weight during pregnancy….it really is all baby..!!

What is your favourite juice?

My favourite juice is the Turbo charge Smoothie, I love the Ginger Shot, but I’m a sucker for any smoothie.

My future plan is to continue with juicing even after the baby is born as I’m sure this will help with my plan to Brest feed. And when it comes to weening with a bit if guidance from my mama who weened my niece on juice last year in sure I will have a juicy loving baby.

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